Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Actual Worst

Here's the thing. Dating sucks. 
And not in the "boys are dumb, don't make this so complicated" way, but in an actual "this sucks, I hate it more than I hate anything" sort of way.

*And this isn't to say this is about one experience or about every experience. Just a generalization.*

I hate the games and the little things involved in making something happen. 

How one or both parties look way too far into things. "Oh! We both like this band!? Clearly we're meant to be!"

And the texting! I hate the texting. 
The trying too hard, the exaggerations about what you were doing at the time you received said text. 
The same old get to know you questions every single time. 
The over-the-top emoticons. 
The too-many compliments that you run out of ways to respond to. 

I hate first dates. 
And the end of first dates. 
And the after first dates. 

Why can't we just jump to the end? Skip the in-between please. 

Or hey, maybe it's different when both sides are equally interested...? 
Like then the texting and the questions and the everything is cute?
I forget what that's like.