Monday, January 31, 2011

A Legacy

Warning. This is one of those, "geez Megan, you get emotional about such silly things" kind of posts. So if you don't like those, then just stop reading now.

A couple of weeks ago I made the first of what will be a series of nine purchases.
I bought two seasons of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.
I've been bouncing back and forth between episodes of seasons 7 and 9, picking and choosing between some of my favorite episodes.
(sidenote, the whole Laura and Almanzo love story? Seriously the greatest one ever.)

I just finished the episode "Once Upon a Time."
The episode ends with a little blonde girl running to the library as fast as she can.
She books it to the back and searches the shelf for the perfect book.
And then she finds it.
Little House on the Prairie
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

She picks up this book and simply grins. 
And I found myself crying.
(not like sobbing crying, but just a little "oh, that brings back emotions" kind of cry)

That little girl may as well have been me. 

These books were my childhood.
I was reading this series on my own the summer before kindergarten.
I have read every single one (including the Caroline, Charlotte and Rose series) so many times I've lost count. 
Their stories are simple and pure.
They are funny and happy and teach lessons. 
They are real life.

I love them.

I will always have these books in my home.
My children will read them.
I will own all nine seasons of the show.
My children will watch them. 

These stories always have been, and always will be a part of my life. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Letter

My feet are really ticklish, so I probably won't be the type to be asking for foot massages.
Instead, just play with my hair.

Sometimes I just like to cry.
I'm really good at letting everything bottle up inside until it all explodes at once.
I'll let you know if I want to talk about it.
Other than that, a kiss and a Diet Coke are all I'll need.

I love documentaries.
And history.
And things like that.

I'm a really good back tickler and can promise them in church every Sunday.

Before you propose to me with the ring you picked out, you better have talked to my dad.

And speaking of dads.
I know you'll be awesome.
I hope you'll have fun with our kiddos.

You don't have to shave all the time.
Scruff is sexy.
Once I meet you, we'll see how much of it you can pull off.

I brush my teeth like it's no one's business.
But really.
At least 4 times a day.
However, I only floss the week before a dentist appointment.

I paint my toes, because I bite my nails.

Dance with me in the kitchen, sing to me in the car.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight Rocked My Socks

It really did.
I had a press pass to the Jazz game tonight and it was the greatest thing ever.
As well as keeping notes to write an article with, I kept a little running track of the thoughts I was having...

-So going to will call was nothing special, however, to pick up press stuff, there's a special line, that is actually not a line.
-After that, you go through the door everyone else does, however, instead of going up the stairs, you get to go down.
-You wander through the halls a little bit until you come to the "Hot Rod" Hundley Media Room.
-There, you mingle with other journalists and photo people, they feed you dinner, etc.
-As you sit eating, you read through the game notes and the program. The feature story in tonight's program was about Matt Harpring. As you read it, Matt Harpring walks in the door... Weird. And awesome.
-Then you go to get more Dr. Pepper and brush shoulders with Craig Bolerjack.
-When you're done eating and perusing, you continue through the inner levels of ESA until you come to the tunnel.
-As Todd says, "It's all about looking and acting like you know what you're doing."
-Sec. 9, Row 27. Now, it's not courtside or anything, but it's not where I'd typically sit. And on press row you get to sit in a soft chair. And there's a card taped to the table that has your name on it.

**At this point it's actually more of my thought process.
-Oh hey Paul. (aka, future husband of mine...)
-I wish the Spectrum lights didn't take so long to come back on (i.e, Merlin Olsen night last year!) because it's tight to announce the line-up that way.
-Take Me Out to the Ballgame? Dudes, wrong sport...
-Oh, we're talking about the new manager of the Bees. Ok then.
-Of all possible free throw distractions, I feel like players will be most used to/less distracted by the clapper/noise things...
- *sigh* Paul *sigh*
-Stop making stupid shots boys!
-The things some people will do just to get on the jumbotron... It's even better when they're unsuccessful and just look ridiculous.
-Dude, and angry Jerry Sloan? That may be worse than an angry Stew...
-Bear is legit.
-Oh, and there's a Mini-Me Bear.
-But really. Paul Millsap. (I may or may not be a little obsessed)
-The writers in front of me are simultaneously watching the BYU/SDSU game. Dear BYU, please lose... Dangit!
-It's so hard not to be cheering and yelling and stuff!
-Bummer dude. Hey at least it's not 30 points again.
-Oh hey, just standing 6 inches away from Jerry. I don't feel brave enough to ask anything, but I feel pretty legit with my recorder in his face and all.
-Aw, cute kids Mehmet!
-Oh hey there AK. Sure, you can smile at me and say hi. That's fine.
-I have to go home already??

Seriously. This was such a great night! Can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There are four (scratch that. Five. Randall was hiding in the corner.) of us presently sitting in the Statesman office.
Megan was in the middle of writing a post just ranting about life in general.
I thought about that, and realized I hadn't had a ranting post in awhile, but didn't really have anything to rant about.

A few minutes later, Megan and I got talking about Grey's Anatomy and why the heck wasn't there a new episode last week??

I was so disappointed!
All day Friday (yes, the day after Grey's, but I don't have tv, so that's how I roll) I was counting down the hours til I could go home, get in my sweats, and watch my guilty pleasure show.

So I get home, get settled, and get on to Hulu.
Search: Grey's Anatomy
Latest Episode: Start Me Up
(if you're not a fan, that was last week's episode)

Enter Catherine: "And you don't have anything to rant about??"

She's so right. As always.

So here it is. My rant on this random bye week of new tv. There's not a new episode this week either. And there wasn't a new HIMYM last night.
There's no new Modern Family tonight.
There hasn't been a new Glee since Christmas...

What the heck?? I object. These shows are how I get through my weeks people!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Every Survivor Got a Story"

there is not enough paper in the whole world,
and not enough pens,
to write down what these survivors went through

-Joe Grabezak, Holocaust survivor

Sometimes I wish I were interested in topics that weren't so sad, but I am incredibly fascinated by the Holocaust. 
So tonight, when Isaac's Facebook status mentioned a documentary he'd watched, I was instantly drawn to it. 

Paper Clips tells the story of the children of Whitwell Middle School.
To help them learn the impact of the Holocaust, they decided to collect 6 million paper clips; one for each person lost in the extermination.
The paper clips were chosen because many people in Norway wore them on their lapels during WWII as a symbol of resistance against Nazi occupation.
Before they knew it, the Washington Post, NBC News, and others began telling their story.
Paper clips came flooding in from all over the world.
Along with the paper clips came stories.
Stories of people who knew survivors, people who were survivors themselves.

Many of the survivors took a trip to little Whitwell, Tenn. where they talked to the community and told their stories.
It's one thing to read the stories of the Holocaust, but to hear them straight from the mouths of those who experienced it is an entirely different thing.
They went through so much, lost so much, and learned so much.
They have gone on to do incredible things with their lives, and bless ours because of it.

"Happiness makes me cry more than anything else"

Watch this movie.
You won't regret it. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's interesting how sometimes you don't even know what you need to hear.

Tonight I came home, fully intending to just finish my reading and go to sleep.

Instead I found myself browsing through my own blog, reading some old entries...

I came upon posts like these.
"This Week"
(I was particularly proud of this one when I wrote it... Still am...)

It's one of those things where I didn't know I needed to re-read these little letters to myself, but all of a sudden I was crying... And things just felt right. (Though, I didn't know they'd felt wrong...)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All in the Family

This is how you know you are in fact your mother's daughter. 

Three hours apart, yes, but I swear I hadn't seen hers yet...

And This is Why...

I stopped watching the Bachelor.

For 3 years or so, I haven't watched it.
I haven't gotten involved.


This season brought the return of Brad.
I couldn't resist.

So here I sit, in the computer lab of the TSC.
(skipping yoga because of that whole not being able to breathe thing)
Super emotionally involved.
Finding things adorable, finding other things ridiculous.

Like this whole recording the song thing?
I love it because he knows he can't sing.
Neither can she.
And the fact that this song is so significant to her without him knowing... Presh.
End of story, I love Ashley S.

And Emily.
I'm excited that they have a date coming up.
One of these two needs to "win."

Why do they keep acting??

Mormon in Manhattan does fantastic play-by-play recaps.
Highly entertaining to see her thoughts on it.

In other news.
Little Miss SLC needs to peace the heck out.
I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned anything about her birthday yet...

And Vampire Chick? wth??

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inertia is a Property of Matter

Name that show!



Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Don't even worry. I found every episode online.
Life is complete.
Or now destroyed because I'll spend too much time watching it...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Megan the Intern

Oh yeah.
So that internship...

Finally, things are going to take off.
I hope...

I will be starting this semester interning with the USU Athletics department.

The specifics are still a little murky, even to me.
But if I understand it right, I will spend this semester kinda doing what I can time-wise.
I'll be working mostly with marketing/promotions, but getting a little bit in with the media relations side of things too.
This way I can kind of figure out what it is I really want to do.
And then in the fall, I'll start the legit part of the internship.
I will decide if I want to do marketing or media relations.
And that's when I'll get actual credit for it.

So there's no money involved.
And apparently a lot of hours.
It's a start.
All of the people who work in the department now got their start as unpaid interns.
It's real experience.
And it will hopefully help me get a clue on what I want to do with my life.

Easy As...

Dear future hubs...

You should probably know that I love pb&j sandwiches.
Simple. Cheap. Easy.
And ya know what? They're just plain yummy.
I make pretty bad-a pb&js, I'll be honest.
If you want to make them for me, I'll let you.
You just have to remember...

equal parts of the pb and the j.
on both sides of the bread.
and there must be milk.
(in an actual glass... it's just different than in a plastic cup or straight from the carton.)

Think you can handle that?

your peanut-butter-lovin' wifey

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post #250. Also Known as the First of 2011.

Nothing special today, because like I told my mom, nothing is going on. It's Christmas break still, and I'm back in Logan a week earlier than expected. It has involved a lot of doing absolutely nothing and I'm loving it. I've been watching a lot of movies, and tonight's selection was Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I kind of loved it. The movie closes with Sidda being initiated into the Sisterhood, and her mother says this...

“There are people in the world who are here
to save you when you need saving,
cover your ass when it needs covering,
and are always there when you need someone to lean on.”

So true.
I hope those people in my life know who they are and that I love them for it. 

In other news, I got an internship today! But I'll talk about that later...