Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight Rocked My Socks

It really did.
I had a press pass to the Jazz game tonight and it was the greatest thing ever.
As well as keeping notes to write an article with, I kept a little running track of the thoughts I was having...

-So going to will call was nothing special, however, to pick up press stuff, there's a special line, that is actually not a line.
-After that, you go through the door everyone else does, however, instead of going up the stairs, you get to go down.
-You wander through the halls a little bit until you come to the "Hot Rod" Hundley Media Room.
-There, you mingle with other journalists and photo people, they feed you dinner, etc.
-As you sit eating, you read through the game notes and the program. The feature story in tonight's program was about Matt Harpring. As you read it, Matt Harpring walks in the door... Weird. And awesome.
-Then you go to get more Dr. Pepper and brush shoulders with Craig Bolerjack.
-When you're done eating and perusing, you continue through the inner levels of ESA until you come to the tunnel.
-As Todd says, "It's all about looking and acting like you know what you're doing."
-Sec. 9, Row 27. Now, it's not courtside or anything, but it's not where I'd typically sit. And on press row you get to sit in a soft chair. And there's a card taped to the table that has your name on it.

**At this point it's actually more of my thought process.
-Oh hey Paul. (aka, future husband of mine...)
-I wish the Spectrum lights didn't take so long to come back on (i.e, Merlin Olsen night last year!) because it's tight to announce the line-up that way.
-Take Me Out to the Ballgame? Dudes, wrong sport...
-Oh, we're talking about the new manager of the Bees. Ok then.
-Of all possible free throw distractions, I feel like players will be most used to/less distracted by the clapper/noise things...
- *sigh* Paul *sigh*
-Stop making stupid shots boys!
-The things some people will do just to get on the jumbotron... It's even better when they're unsuccessful and just look ridiculous.
-Dude, and angry Jerry Sloan? That may be worse than an angry Stew...
-Bear is legit.
-Oh, and there's a Mini-Me Bear.
-But really. Paul Millsap. (I may or may not be a little obsessed)
-The writers in front of me are simultaneously watching the BYU/SDSU game. Dear BYU, please lose... Dangit!
-It's so hard not to be cheering and yelling and stuff!
-Bummer dude. Hey at least it's not 30 points again.
-Oh hey, just standing 6 inches away from Jerry. I don't feel brave enough to ask anything, but I feel pretty legit with my recorder in his face and all.
-Aw, cute kids Mehmet!
-Oh hey there AK. Sure, you can smile at me and say hi. That's fine.
-I have to go home already??

Seriously. This was such a great night! Can't wait to do it again!

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