Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday... For Lack of a Better Word...

So I'm home for Christmas now and it's been good. Yesterday I went back to the home ward and it was great! Haha it was a little loud compared bo my student ward, but still good. It was fun to see everyone; all the new families, how much the kids hae grown up, etc.
Last November I was called to teach primary. I started out with the 10 year olds, but after a couple months they moved me to Sunbeams. I LOVED it! These little 3 year olds are the most adorbale, greatest things! Yesterday I got to go back to class. I was so excited, and they were too when I walked in! These kids are amazing. I love them! They are so sweet and happy. I get to be with them again next week and I can't wait! I've missed them so much! I've missed sweet little Bryson's "Siwster Awen." And precious Jillian sitting on my lap and playing with my CTR ring. Jake, my wild and crazy little man is such a sweetheart. And Chase! He moved in just a couple months before I left for school, so cute! And oh man, Parker... haha I love that kid! He's so quiet and seems shy, but once he warms up to you... so cute! I seriously want to combine all 6 of these kids into the kids I'll have one day. They all have their own sweet little personalities, and you can already see their testimonies growing. Haha if you've ever seen that church movie "Out of the Mouths of Babes," that's my class. They're all so funny! They've all grown up so much since I left, they have the whole reverence thing down and are just so great. I love my sunbeams and can't wait until next week!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Haha look at me be all blog-y... 3 posts in 2 days! Yay me!! Anyway, last night when I went to bed (ok... this morning when I went to bed...) it had just started snowing. Our True Aggie night last night was really short (like 10 people came) but it was all romantic because it was snowing lightly! Anyway, I woke up this morning (closer to afternoon...) and there was A LOT of snow! There's a good 4-6 inches of fluffy white stuff ladies and gentlemen! It's beautiful! I went outside to enjoy it a little bit, especially since I have to leave it soon. So here are some pictures :)

I love snow!!
Me making the first footprints!

So pretty!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok so I know I already posted today, but happy news!! I made A-Team! Haha apparently that's an old TV show, so no, not THAT A-Team. Haha it's the name for the group that works with freshmen coming into school. We run orientation in the summer, the Connections class the weekf before school starts, and keep in touch with the kids through the year. It's going to be an amazing opportunity and I can't wait!


Yay! Finals are OVER!!!! I've officially survived my first semester of college! In some ways it was easier than I expected, but in other ways a lot harder! A 3.5 is a lot harder to get here than it was in high school! I still don't know what my final grades all were... I got a 93% on my Geography final though! I thought it would be better, but oh well :) All I know is that I'll have to work my butt off next semester! I have scholarships to keep so by the end of the year I have to have a 3.5... I'm taking some way hard classes so it will be pretty intense, but one of those hard classes is Anatomy which I LOVE so that will help make it easier.
I get to go home on Tuesday! I can't wait! This will be the first time I've been home since August so it will be great. I'm definitely in need of a break so this will be perfect! I'm excited to see everyone and eat both real food as well as at all the places I've been having withdrawls from. In 'N Out baby!! So excited! The hard part though will be saying goodbye to my boys. Some of my best friends Seth, Shawn, and Dallin will all be leaving on their missions before I get home again. It will be hard having to say goodbye before they're even leaving. On the plus side though, Mitch is home and I haven't seen him yet so that will be fun. :)
So now I have the whole weekend to kill here by myself. Haha pretty much the whole campus is gone! It'll be good though. Get some major cleaning done and just relax. I need it after this week!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taken for Granted

So this weekend was great! I got to do so many fun things and realized a lot of things that I didn't realize I missed while living outside of Utah. Saturday night was the basketball game against BYU down at the Delta Center. Even though we lost, it was an incredible game and we had so much fun!

After that, we went to Temple Square! I hadn't been at Christmas time in 3 years so it was so good to go back! It's such a pretty place and I'm getting married there! (haha not anytime soon, but when it does happen, that's where it will be :)) Erin and I went a little picture happy and took tons! We couldn't resist taking them in the classic wedding spots :)

After Temple Square we went to Crown Burger for dinner. Yum! I've missed it. Just as we were leaving, I ran into one of my old friends Brody. I hadn't seen him since my sopohomore year of high school, and certainly wasn't planning on seeing him there! After Crown Burger we headed home and I got to listen to my beloved Show Tune Saturday Night on KOSY 106.5! I've missed that too! So overall, Saturday was an incredible night :-) And remember Cougar fans, win or lose, you still live in Provo! Haha love you all! :)
And THEN... It SNOWED!! And it stuck! It's not a lot, but it's there! It's fantastic! I had forgotten how much I love being cold, how great slipping and sliding on the ice is, and how great it feels to be the first person to step in the fresh snow. It's beautiful! I just went for a long run out in the 23 degree weather and it felt AMAZING!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

___________________ (Fill in the blank with whatever title you find appropriate)

So I noticed it's been quite awhile since I posted... so here it goes, I just couldn't come up with a title because I honestly have no clue where I'm going with this!
So the big news of the day is that I'm done with classes! We have finals next week to still worry about, but the actual going to class and sitting through lectures part of the semester is over! And I only have 3 finals (well, 4, but it's one that's online and I don't have to take if I really don't want to) and one of them isn't going to be hard at all! My geography one is all questions STRAIGHT from our quizzes, plus we know exactly which ones 40 of the 100 are... so that's fantastic :)
Um... I get to go home in like a week and a half! It's been kind of weird being one of the few people who haven't gone home at all yet, but it's been good. I'm way excited to have a break and to spend it at home though. I miss my mom's food as well as all sorts of "Tucson-only" restaurants... In 'N Out (which I WILL have my first night home), Eegee's, and Hungry Howies. Even the Texas Roadhouse I'm closest to up here isn't as good! So yeah, it'll be good to be home and to see everyone. There's people who have gotten back from missions that I'll finally get to see, as well as boys who will be leaving before I get back again that I'll have to say goodbye to...
I guess that's all for now... I'll try to get better at this whole posting thing :) Have a great day!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Reunion!

Ok so they're not my REAL family, but they're pretty darn close! For 4 summers I worked at the amazing Camp Kiesel. I've only seen a couple of these great friends since I've been back in Utah! Jason Adams is leaving on his mission to New York City on Wednesday so today was his farewell in Ogden. He gave a great talk and he'll be a great missionary!

I'm car-less so my cousin Malissa went down with me and got to meet all these crazy people! It was SO good to be back with my very favorite people! We got to re-kindle our "Blonde, brunette, and a redhead" trio!

These kids are really like my family. After spending so much time with them how could they not be right? When I moved, these guys were the ones who I REALLY kept in touch with. They're great and I know I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for them! Thanks guys! You're the best! I love you all so much!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Park City!

So this weekend, we went on an Area Government retreat to Park City. It was great fun and we only had to pay $15! We were up right close to the ski resorts and were staying in this super nice condo. Get this, right now, the condo only cost $250 a night, once peak ski season hits they'll cost around $1500 a night, Sundance Film Festival? They cost about $3000. I can't even imagine how much they cost during the Olympics! Anyway, it was way nice! Huge, with tons of beds, a hot tub, a pool table, everything!
On Friday night when we first got there we had time to do whatever we wanted. We made a couple runs to the grocery store, went hot tubbing, etc. The rest of the night was devoted to what's called "Johari's Window." It's an AMAZING thing! Since I was one of the few people there who'd done it before, I got to lead one of the groups in it. Basically, you have a big square on your paper that's divided into 4 sections. The first one is your "public" area, basicall stuff that isn't a big deal, stuff that pretty much everyone knows about you; personality, likes and dislikes, etc. The next one is the "hidden" area. This is the place for things that are important in your life, but that most people don't know. Maybe a few people, but it's really things that only you know. The third section is your "blind" area. This is where you put questions about yourself that you'd honestly like to know the answer to; 'what was your first impression of me?' 'what is my best quality?' etc. The last section is your "unknown" area. This is for the things that NO ONE (not even yourself) knows about you. Like, questions about what your future holds, etc. Now the catch to filling out this square is that you share it with everyone in your group. It's a group of people that you know can be trusted and there's no judging aloud. It's an incredible experience. Not only do you learn a ton about everyone else there, but you learn a whole lot about yourself as well.
The next morning we all slept in (Johari's Window takes a long time, we were going until 2 am!) and then had breakfast. Afterwards, we got to hit up the ever popluar Park City outlet malls! Yay for shopping :-) Haha I was walking around with a couple guys for most of the time so I found out a lot about guys preferences in girls clothing, and they found out girls preferences! I actually helped my friend Chris pick out a pretty sick Fossil watch, and then my friend Ryan was getting his girlfriend's birthday present and requested my assistance.
For me, the very best part of the whole weekend had nothing really to do with Area Government. There's a guy who I met when he was serving his mission in Tucson and he got home about 2 weeks before I moved up to school. He's from Salt Lake, but was happening to be in Park City for a ski/snowboard swap meet. So I got permission from Justin for KJ (haha not Elder Hawkins anymore!) to stop by. So he got there at like 10:30 Friday night, and ended up staying for Johari's Window and everything. It was so great to see him again! We were both worried it would be kind of weird to see each other after so long and in such different circumstances but it wasn't! It was totally natural! After he left we ended up texting until about 3 in the morning, talking about the night, his mission, etc. And... I'm going to his house for Thanksgiving! Haha I'm way excited :-)
So anyway, I think this post is long enough. I'll let you go now. Overall though, it was a great weekend and I wish every weekend could be like that!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Dream Come True!

So last night I went to the Jon Schmidt concert. Again. Haha it was my 4th time seeing him live, but it was the first full-length one I'd been to. He played for 2 hours and it just flew by! I honestly could have sat there for DAYS and been just fine. It was the perfect show! He did all his classics that everyone loves, Waterfall, Dumb Song, All of Me, etc. He threw in some of his new stuff coming out, as well as a Christmas one. Then, one of his very last songs was my very favorite one. Tribute! I love it, and in all the 3 times I'd seen him previously he hadn't played it. It was incredible. It made me cry it was so beautiful! Pathetitc? Maybe, but I don't care. I seriously am in awe by him and his talent. I wish I could be like him! And... I finally got to meet him! He came out after to do signings and pictures and everything. I got one of my books of his music signed, but my camera batteries had died, so no picture. But it was still way fun! I actually get to see him again in like a month and a half. He always brings his Christmas show to Phoenix and I'm actually going this year!
And then, to top off my dreams come true...
Tonight is one of the CES firesides that happen a few times each year. They're held down at BYU and every time, they have a choir performing. Ever since I've watched them I've wanted to be in that choir. Well, I'm in the institute choir up here at school, and on the first day of class we found out that we get to! We're singing tonight! It will be amazing! I can't wait! Everyone should watch it! It's at 6:00 and you can watch at your local stake center, or it'll be on TV, probably at the same times? Check KBYU and/or BYU tv. It's going to be awesome!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recent News...

So it's been awhile since I've posted anything real, rather than just the survey thingys, so here I am! I actually can't think of where to begin....
I guess the biggest thing is that I'm pretty close to 100% sure I'm going to switch majors! I've thought about it a lot and I think Exercise Science is the place for me! I love kids, but I don't know if I love them THAT much ya know? However, by being in Exercise Science, I know that's something I will always love, and a lot! The body fascinates me! And learning about it comes really easily for me! So right now the plan is to get my bachelor's here in that and then go to grad school to become a PA. I may take a year off in between to work, because PA schools are really competitive and they like it when you have some clinical work experience (especially if you have like 3 years!) So I'll try and get some in up here at school and then take a year to do it full time. PA's make really good money, and it's good hours too. So I'll get to be doing all the medical-y stuff that I love with only 6 years of school total instead of 14!
Other than that, more school stuff... I finally got a really good grade on a geography test! 94%! Sure, we got to use a single small page of notes which definitely helped! Also, I'm LOVING my Human Development class! It's fascinating to me! I really look forward to it every week! It's amazing! The teacher is great and while she goes fast, she covers the material all while making it way interesting! She's great and I highly reccomend her class!
Well, I think that's all the big stuff today. I'm off to go run and then go hang out with cute boys! Does it get any better than that? :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stolen From Erin

So I'm bored, I should be cleaning as checks are in half an hour, but oh well. So Erin had this on her blog and I thought it looked fun so I'm doing it too.

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Camp Kiesel! Greatest job EVER!!!
2. Cold Stone Creamery... NOT the best job ever!
3. Texas Roadhouse! Also an amazing job! (I worked at Hungry Howie's at the same time so we'll count them as one)
4. And now I'm an office assistant in my school's Natural Resources buliding. Haha way fun!

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once
1. Sleepless in Seattle. My very favorite. No question.
2. You've Got Mail. A close second to the first one.
3. Return to Me. Probably third in line.
4. Almost every single Disney movie. Cars and Enchanted are my favorites.

Four Places I've Been
1. Lived in Tucson, Arziona.
2. Now live in Logan, Utah.
3. Love California!
4. I went to Michigan once...

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. I think my very favorite is a really good burger. I highly reccomend: IHOP's, Royal Red Robin burger, the Cheddarburger from Texas Roadhouse, and In 'N Out. I miss it greatly.
2. Pasta. Any kind! My favorite thing is to do the "Create Your Own Pasta" at Maccaroni Grill. But really, I'll eat any kind. Firehouse's Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta is a new love.
3. Pizza! I'm going crazy without Hungry Howie's! They have flavored crust and no one else does! I miss my ham and mushroom pizza on ranch crust!
4. And... oh man I don't even know. I just love food.

Four Places I Want to Visit
1. Europe. Hands down. I am dying to see Greece, London, Ireland, Paris, everything!!
2. I think Africa is next. I would love to go there!
3. Australia would be amazing too.
4. And I really just need to see more of my own country. I've never been to the east coast and I want to! I want to go to D.C. soooo bad! And North Carolina! haha

Four Things I Am Looking Forward to This Coming Year

1. My birthday :-) It's on Saturday, so I don't have to wait much longer.
2. My classes next semester! I think they'll be great! And relatively easy which is nice.
3. Summer. I love summer.
4. Getting married. NOT! Haha that's just everyone's stereotype of Utah college girls... hehe :-)
The end. Enjoy. Steal it if you want to. Haha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Things About Me

I have nothing to do, so I decided to blog. Haha and since I really have nothing to blog about, I'll give you some random/little known tidbits about myself. So here goes.
1. I'm a little OCD (or should I say CDO) about alphabetizing. I do it to everything! My movies, my books, my cd's, EVERYTHING is alphabetized!
2. I love Sharpies! I have almost every color, even duplicates of some... They make me happy, and no, not the smell of them, just all the colors and everything :-)
3. I never eat the first slice of bread! Haha not the heel (well that either I guess...) but the first slice after that. I don't know why, that's just how I am.
4. I really love country music! Haha ok maybe that one's not so secret, but I mean I REALLY love it! I can almost always tell what song and what artist it is within just a few measures... Kinda pathetic I know.
5. Also pathetic, is that I know the hymbook really well! Haha you can pretty much tell me any hymn title and I can most likely tell you what page it's on. If not exact, then close. I'm not quite as good the other way, it's harder if you give me a page number and want me to tell you what song it is...
6. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love chick flicks and predictable stories. I know romance and stuff isn't really like that, but I can dream :-)
7. I LOVE the human body! It's fascinating to me! I love learning how all the systems and everything work together to make such a great thing! I love blood and bones and everything! It's amazing!
8. I love quotes! I have pages and pages saved! Whenever I hear or see a good one, I save it. I think they really can have an impact in our lives. They can be very inspirational and effective :-)
9. I've had some pretty sweet injuries and they all have good stories. I've broken both my arms at the same time, had stitches in my face, and hurt (most likely dislocated) both my knees at different times. The stories are kinda embarassing, but funny. If you want to hear them, let me know :-)
10. The 4th of July is my very very favorite holiday! I love fireworks! I love all the patriotism! I love how my town does it. The whole town shows up at the park for food, games, and just fun! I love it!
11. I'm a huge grammar stickler! I ALWAYS use the correct tenses/forms of words and it drives me crazy if I or any other person does it wrong!

And there you have it, 10 little known facts about me. If you want to know more or want any mor explanations, just ask :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend Plans

So it's technically Thursday, but tomorrow is the beginning of fall break! (Not really much of a break though, just a 3 day weekend, but still, it's better than nothing!) So the school decided that today we'll have our Friday schedule of classes. Many teachers decided not to have class or to just do review sessions. Geography was just a review day, but of course he gave us one of our extra credit "quizzes." Happy! And then I went to math, but only like 10 people were showing up. I really didn't want to be there so I looked in the book at what we were learning today, and it was stuff I already know how to do. Usually we have a quiz every Friday, but she figured a lot of people wouldn't come today so our quiz is Monday. So what did I do? I went in, gave a friend my assignment to turn in, and I left! So now I'm at work.
This weekend will be interesting, that's for sure. Since it's a long one, almost everyone is going home. I seriously know of like 5 people that will be left in my building! So tomorrow is going to be my 'catch up' day. I'm going to do some hardcore cleaning of my apartment, and work on homework. My goal is to get my paper done that's due Thursday, study for my test that's on Tuesday, and do as much of the math that I can teach myself for the week. I want to be not only caught up, but ahead because it's Homecoming week! There's fun stuff planned for the whole week and not only do I want to go, but I'm on Traditions committee so we're planning all the activities and events and then we all have to be there to kinda help out. It will be way fun, but it leaves no time for homework. So that's Friday. Then on Saturday I get to hang out with my two favorite boys in the whole world again! Haha I'm going to Lagoon with Shawn and Jason and it will be great fun :-)
Not only do I have all that, but since I'm one of the few staying for the weekend, I have a whole bunch to do church-wise! I'm playing the piano in Sacrament (haha I can't play the organ...) and I have to teach Relief Society! So I'm going to be one busy girl these next couple of days!
So, for those of you reading this, have a great weekend! I'll post again after all my adventures, with pictures and everything! Love you all!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Great Day!

Today was so great! I obviously didn't get a whole ton of sleep last night, but the day went surprisingly well! I stayed awake through class, went to work, and then Institute choir. Finally I got home, ate some mac & cheese, and am now Facebooking/blogging the afternoon away. Really, I have homework, but it won't take long. :-) Then tonight I'll dance the night away at FHE. It will be great fun.
Yesterday was also great. Church was amazing! My friend Erin taught Relief Society and she did an amazing job!! She talked about some letters that Joseph Smith wrote to his wife and family during his times of travel getting the church going. The ones she focused on most were about getting through the adversity and trials we all face in life. I know it was an especially hard thing for her to talk about as she's going through a lot of stuff right now. She did so well though! She had the whole room sharing stories and in tears. It was incredible. Then we went to the Preach My Gospel Sunday school class which was also great! In sacrament, one of my friends spoke and he did a great job. This past summer he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. His whole talk was relating all the warning signs and safety practices in climbing the mountain to the gospel. It was awesome! So overall, it was a very good Sunday!
Well I think that's all for now... oh, and only 18 days til basketball season!!

Yep, I'm Doing It

K well here I am. Blogging. Crazy. I never thought I'd be here. But it seems like everyone's blogging these days so I decided to give it a try. It's late and I should be in bed, but I was determined to come up with a URL name that wasn't already taken.
It snowed today! (Well I guess by now it's yesterday...) but it was beautiful. I love having seasons again! First the fall leaves, and now this. Life is good.
Well as I said, it's late. I have 8:30 class in the morning. I'll add more to this loveliness later. :-)