Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taken for Granted

So this weekend was great! I got to do so many fun things and realized a lot of things that I didn't realize I missed while living outside of Utah. Saturday night was the basketball game against BYU down at the Delta Center. Even though we lost, it was an incredible game and we had so much fun!

After that, we went to Temple Square! I hadn't been at Christmas time in 3 years so it was so good to go back! It's such a pretty place and I'm getting married there! (haha not anytime soon, but when it does happen, that's where it will be :)) Erin and I went a little picture happy and took tons! We couldn't resist taking them in the classic wedding spots :)

After Temple Square we went to Crown Burger for dinner. Yum! I've missed it. Just as we were leaving, I ran into one of my old friends Brody. I hadn't seen him since my sopohomore year of high school, and certainly wasn't planning on seeing him there! After Crown Burger we headed home and I got to listen to my beloved Show Tune Saturday Night on KOSY 106.5! I've missed that too! So overall, Saturday was an incredible night :-) And remember Cougar fans, win or lose, you still live in Provo! Haha love you all! :)
And THEN... It SNOWED!! And it stuck! It's not a lot, but it's there! It's fantastic! I had forgotten how much I love being cold, how great slipping and sliding on the ice is, and how great it feels to be the first person to step in the fresh snow. It's beautiful! I just went for a long run out in the 23 degree weather and it felt AMAZING!!

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