Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As I See It

Tonight was the ever-popular Victoria's Secret fashion show. 
Not my thing, I didn't watch it. 
However, it was interesting to follow the reactions on Twitter. 
Thank you boys, for making us feel great. 

Charley put it plainly.

How depressing, yet true, is that?
How many girls are going to hit the gym and start starving themselves tomorrow?
All just so they can look like the girls they think we are all supposed to look like?

I mean, really?
These girls have nothing on them.
They don't even look healthy. 
When was the last time they ate a carb? Or anything with sugar?
How many hours a day do they spend working out?
There's a line between being healthy and being crazy.
They have definitely crossed that line. 

Enter, my dear friend Ryan. 

Ladies, don't you forget it. 
You don't have to be stick skinny, size 0 to be pretty. 

Be your own, beautiful you.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Here's the thing.
Overall, I feel that I have a very high pain tolerance.
When I broke my arms (yes, plural) when I was seven, we didn't even think they were broken because it didn't hurt that bad.
My junior year when I got bit on the face by my dog, I just wanted to see inside all the layers of skin and everything.
I kind of love the pain of sore muscles that come from from an intense workout.
But you give me a mouthful of cankers/cold sores and I turn into a wimp.

When my mouth hurts, I feel like everything hurts.
I'm starving because I can't chew, or even swallow.
When I'm starving I get cranky.
I can't talk and my life requires too much talking for that to be the case.
I can't brush my teeth without bursting into tears.

I finally went to the doctor this morning to see what's really going on.
I thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but the doctor said it's probably more like a version of the virus that cause cold sores.
He said it was "the worst crop of sores he'd ever seen." (real comforting, right?)
I'm waiting on some prescriptions to make it hurt less, but apparently there's not really much I can do at this point. Things can only be done when I feel them start coming on.

So I will sit here and continue to be miserable.
And I'm sorry if you get tired of me complaining.
Lots of soup, ibuprofen, and a swollen face.
Chewing and swallowing aren't important anyway, right?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Movie List

Obviously, I love Christmas. 
This is a list of all the movies that need to be watched at least once before Christmas. 
You'll notice there are some that are not necessarily "Christmas movies," but feature enough Christmas to count.
If you have any that I'm missing, please let me know!

Santa Clause
Santa Clause 2
Santa Clause 3
Love Actually
Little Women
White Christmas
Miracle on 34th Street
Muppet Christmas Carol
Charlie Brown Christmas
The House Without a Christmas Tree
Christmas Story
The Holiday
Frosty the Snowman
Home Alone
Mr. Kreuger's Christmas
Meet Me in St. Louis
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Family Man
Polar Express
You've Got Mail
Sleepless in Seattle
While You Were Sleeping
It's a Wonderful Life
all of the cheesy made-for-tv movies on Hallmark and ABC Family
Four Christmases

Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Being a Grown Up

This week I had to get used to saying "I'll be out of town for work this weekend."
Say what? Me??

But here I sit, in a hotel in Laramie, Wyoming.

Turns out my bosses like and trust me enough that they chose to send me as the traveling SID with our women's basketball team.
It's their first roadtrip of the year and I get to be a part of it.
Tomorrow they play the University of Wyoming. Then it's off to Brookings, South Dakota to take on South Dakota State.

Now, yes, it means I'm missing tomorrow night's home game vs. BYU. Only a game I've been looking forward to for two years, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices, right?
Because hello, this says huge things about how my bosses feel about me.
Plus, this will be the ultimate test for if this is really what I want to do as a career.

I'm nervous as heck, but also stoked for this weekend.
Lots of basketball, lots of travel, lots of food.
All things I really like.
And all for free.
Love it.

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Basically, all I do is write. Sometimes it feels like it's 24/7.
The problems come in the fact that I'm trying to do four styles of writing.
News, sports features, magazine features, press releases.
There are rules. So many rules.
Do this, not that. Oh, but on this story do that, not this.
It's all very complicated.
So I'm sorry, little blog of mine, that you get neglected.
Because the thing is, the writing that comes with grades and deadlines have to be the priority.

I'm getting really good at this game though.
Like today? Four feature football stories. Grand total of about four and a half hours spent on them.
Pretty impressive, right?
Now my brain is about to explode, but it's fine.

And now, I'm going to go celebrate my lack of deadline.
By doing absolutely nothing.
And then on Thursday, I will go to Wyoming and South Dakota.
(more about that later, basically, that whole "grown up world" is getting closer and closer.)