Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As I See It

Tonight was the ever-popular Victoria's Secret fashion show. 
Not my thing, I didn't watch it. 
However, it was interesting to follow the reactions on Twitter. 
Thank you boys, for making us feel great. 

Charley put it plainly.

How depressing, yet true, is that?
How many girls are going to hit the gym and start starving themselves tomorrow?
All just so they can look like the girls they think we are all supposed to look like?

I mean, really?
These girls have nothing on them.
They don't even look healthy. 
When was the last time they ate a carb? Or anything with sugar?
How many hours a day do they spend working out?
There's a line between being healthy and being crazy.
They have definitely crossed that line. 

Enter, my dear friend Ryan. 

Ladies, don't you forget it. 
You don't have to be stick skinny, size 0 to be pretty. 

Be your own, beautiful you.

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  1. seriously though. love that boys recognize what real beauty is. not gonna lie, watched it. felt some sort of longing to look like that, and landon came in and was all, "that's not even attractive!"

    the pressure being put on women is mostly coming from women.

    i love me. and i think it's important to be healthy though that doesn't necessarily mean being stick skinny. plus, dudes love boobs and butts, right?? right.

    also, i was jealous of the cute underwear. just because it's awesome and i know for a fact that i would wear it better because i could fill it out better.

    steps off soap box*


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