Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What it Means

Yes, I should be writing a paper right now, not a blog.
But I have bigger things than intercultural communication on my mind.

In the time I have been associated with our football team, I have never seen these boys this happy. The smiles on their face are infectious and excited. They have put in so many years of work and are so proud to see their goals achieved.  
Maybe it's silly, but this, of all videos that have been posted these last couple of weeks, made me cry.
It's a little thing called Aggie Pride. 

It has been 14 years since Utah State football has made it to a bowl game. 
14 years.
To finally be in this situation, with a bowl game just a few days away, Aggie Nation has come together like I've never seen. 
It's magic, really. 

Here's the thing about Aggie Pride. 
It's real.
It's deep.
It's beautiful.
It's something that is there, no matter what. 
Whether we're winning or losing, no matter what season it is, Aggie Pride is there. 

It is in the unison of "I Believe."
It is in the spirit of the Fight Song. 
In the silly, yet traditional actions of the Scotsman.
It is a coach who gets the team's logo tattooed on his shoulder.

It is the power behind which we bond together.
The way we show our love and dedication for our school. 

After 14 years, the hard work has paid off.
Our boys are going bowling.
We couldn't be more proud. 
We couldn't be more excited. 
(in my case, I couldn't be more upset to be missing it.)

To be an Aggie is an incredible experience.
It's something that is with you forever, no matter where you end up in life. 
To be an Aggie is more than just an education. 
It is what makes us who we are. 

Good luck this weekend, boys. 
Make the Aggies proud. 

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