Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Conference Thoughts

So far, so good.

Today's sessions were absolutely incredible. Everything I needed.

One of my favorite things about Conference is the way so many people can come together, particularly through social media. As the sessions proceed, thousands of people around the world are sharing their thoughts and testimonies through Twitter. With one simple hashtag (#LDSConf), anyone can join in the conversation and share the event with people who are not familiar with what is going on.

It's a way to make new "friends" and interact with others with your same thoughts and beliefs.
It is a form of missionary work.
It is a testimony builder.
It's incredible.

Saturday night is always the Priesthood session.
All the men of the church gather together around the world to receive special instruction.
While theirs isn't broadcast like every other session, there are ways to access the talks later.
I always go back and read/watch them, just so I know what to be expecting from the men in my life.
Tonight I was out with my mom and sister, but followed along a little bit via Twitter.

"Men who bear God's holy priesthood should be different from other men."
- David A. Bednar

I love that.
So much.
And it's so true. 

During the Priesthood Session last October, a friend of mine wrote a Conference-y post, and included this swell paragraph. 

"The thought of all the priesthood together right now, it so amazing to me. I don't know who the lucky guy will be that gets to sweep me off my feet, and ride off into the sunset. But I bet I know right where he is right now, and it makes my heart smile. . . right at this moment he is just sitting there, learning how to make me happy. Maybe playing with his tie, or taking a few notes.(At lest he better be! right?)"

While it's not a guarantee that "he" was there, I like to think he was. Or if he had something keeping him away, that he'll go back and watch the talks. From what I hear it was a great evening. 

Tomorrow I get to be at the sessions in person. 
I've only missed a couple since I've been back in Utah, and I love that I have that blessing. 
There are so many members around the world (nearly 14 million!!), and I am one of the lucky ones to live just an hour away from Church headquarters. 
There are members who don't even have a church building to go to. 
There are people who can't be open about their faith, people who are breaking laws of their country to be a part of it. 
So while it means waking up at 6 tomorrow morning, it's worth it. 
I'm a lucky girl and I need to not complain about that

President Uchtdorf always has just the talk that I need to hear and I get to hear it in person. 
I get to be in the same room as the prophet, his counselors, and other church leaders who have been chosen to bear the keys and the means to share the words our Heavenly Father needs us to hear. 

I love this gospel. 
The church is true. 
That's all that matters.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ok, Mr. Fortune Cookie...
I'm just going to trust you on this one.

Monday, March 26, 2012

One of these Days

One of these days...
I will unpack and clean up from Spring Break.

I will get braver and get the boy to ask me out.

I will get a decent night's sleep. 

I will not just turn off my alarm and go back to sleep.

I will run the whole mile, fast, and without stopping.

I will get around to blogging about the brother's mission call. 

I will find another job for the summer...

But until then. 

I'm going to take a shower.
Curl up in bed in my favorite sweats.
And watch a movie until I fall asleep.

Goodnight, world.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Boy.

Dear Boy...

Oh man.
I can't even...

You're pretty great.
I like you.
Kind of a lot.

I'm not going to go into super detail about the things I've been
that's just for the besties.

But let's just say that this feels different.
The timing is... interesting.
Things just click.

Mostly, I just don't know where you stand.
I've never really seen you interacting with other girls.
So I don't know if the way you treat me is normal
or if it's special.

I keep being told to be patient.
So I'm doing the best I can.

See you tomorrow :)

Love, Meg

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break, According to my iPhone

Turns out that when you have a fancy-schmancy iPhone, you forget that you can take pictures with real cameras... So that's what happened.

An entire week of Vegas, documented through my phone.

So many shoes!
Logan v. Vegas at the time of packing
Wouldn't be a roadtrip without Sour Patch & Diet Coke
Bright lights, big city
Fremont Street
Tennis and sunshine!
Bellagio at night
Bellagio Conservatory
Bellagio Conservatory
Nike Store. March Madness. Love.
Temple at night
*no comment*
All of our fortunes from Panda were money related... 
The wannabe Trevi Fountain.
I made a pretty good wish, here's hoping it comes true!
Don't let us loose in a casino buffet ever again.
Coke products from around the world
Temple during the day


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Falling into Place

Like I said last time,
so many tender mercies
all over the place.

This week, things just fell into place.

I have a place to live.
It's cheaper then where I live now.
It's bigger.
It's nicer.
It's more... grown up.
And I get to live with Shelby!

The next morning, (today) I took the MAT test
(the test to get into grad school).
All I needed was to test in the 40th percentile.
It's one of those tests that is sort of impossible to study for, unless you want to spend three years on it.
It is just 120 analogies that can range anywhere from music to art to science to literature to Greek mythology.
Thankfully, I didn't study much.
And by much, I mean that I kind of glanced through the study book for 20 minutes while I watched tennis.
And then I just went for it.

The books, and the guy in the testing center told me that the hour allotted is generally too short.
He said it's tough to finish in that time.
Well, 30 minutes later, I was done.
And I got in the 80th percentile.
And then I went and finished my application.

And that was that.
We are all set and ready for fall!