Monday, February 3, 2014

The Pro List

I (kind of, sort of, sometimes) believe it when people tell me "oh don't worry, you don't NEED a husband just yet. No rush!" I get that, I really do. While I understand that I'm only 24 and eternity is a really long time, there are definitely some reasons I think it would be nice to have a man around...

• someone to zip up the zippers on the back of your dresses
• someone to eat the leftover food that isn't quite enough to really be worth saving, but enough that you still feel bad throwing it away
• someone to rub the IcyHot in on the hard-to-reach sore muscles 
• someone to reach the cookies on the top shelf without needing to grab a chair
• someone to hang out with
• someone to talk to
• someone to solve the debate of where to eat
• someone to make the "get all the groceries inside in one trip" rule easier to follow 
• someone to just be with
• someone to eat the tomato off your hamburger
• someone to meet you halfway when you left something important at home
• someone to talk about the little things in your day with without feeling like you're trying too hard
• someone to get ready for. or not.
• someone to choose the next movie or tv show to watch
• someone to vent to
• someone to replace the stuffed animals to cuddle with at night
• someone to tell you when you're overreacting
• someone to tell you you're pretty on days you just really need to hear it

The list goes on... In fact, I'll probably come back and add to this one as I think of things.

I'm just... ready.
But it's fine.
It'll be worth it, right?