Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break, According to my iPhone

Turns out that when you have a fancy-schmancy iPhone, you forget that you can take pictures with real cameras... So that's what happened.

An entire week of Vegas, documented through my phone.

So many shoes!
Logan v. Vegas at the time of packing
Wouldn't be a roadtrip without Sour Patch & Diet Coke
Bright lights, big city
Fremont Street
Tennis and sunshine!
Bellagio at night
Bellagio Conservatory
Bellagio Conservatory
Nike Store. March Madness. Love.
Temple at night
*no comment*
All of our fortunes from Panda were money related... 
The wannabe Trevi Fountain.
I made a pretty good wish, here's hoping it comes true!
Don't let us loose in a casino buffet ever again.
Coke products from around the world
Temple during the day



  1. where are the pics from the Thunder Down Under???

  2. iPhones are the best things ever! And Whit, pictures are "strictly forbidden." A girl got kicked out by the cops when she tried to sneak one, so I didn't want to risk missing out on the rest of the show ;)

  3. Love all the sandals. Love the sour patch :)


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