Saturday, March 3, 2012

Falling into Place

Like I said last time,
so many tender mercies
all over the place.

This week, things just fell into place.

I have a place to live.
It's cheaper then where I live now.
It's bigger.
It's nicer.
It's more... grown up.
And I get to live with Shelby!

The next morning, (today) I took the MAT test
(the test to get into grad school).
All I needed was to test in the 40th percentile.
It's one of those tests that is sort of impossible to study for, unless you want to spend three years on it.
It is just 120 analogies that can range anywhere from music to art to science to literature to Greek mythology.
Thankfully, I didn't study much.
And by much, I mean that I kind of glanced through the study book for 20 minutes while I watched tennis.
And then I just went for it.

The books, and the guy in the testing center told me that the hour allotted is generally too short.
He said it's tough to finish in that time.
Well, 30 minutes later, I was done.
And I got in the 80th percentile.
And then I went and finished my application.

And that was that.
We are all set and ready for fall!

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