Monday, November 7, 2011


Basically, all I do is write. Sometimes it feels like it's 24/7.
The problems come in the fact that I'm trying to do four styles of writing.
News, sports features, magazine features, press releases.
There are rules. So many rules.
Do this, not that. Oh, but on this story do that, not this.
It's all very complicated.
So I'm sorry, little blog of mine, that you get neglected.
Because the thing is, the writing that comes with grades and deadlines have to be the priority.

I'm getting really good at this game though.
Like today? Four feature football stories. Grand total of about four and a half hours spent on them.
Pretty impressive, right?
Now my brain is about to explode, but it's fine.

And now, I'm going to go celebrate my lack of deadline.
By doing absolutely nothing.
And then on Thursday, I will go to Wyoming and South Dakota.
(more about that later, basically, that whole "grown up world" is getting closer and closer.)

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