Friday, December 5, 2008

___________________ (Fill in the blank with whatever title you find appropriate)

So I noticed it's been quite awhile since I posted... so here it goes, I just couldn't come up with a title because I honestly have no clue where I'm going with this!
So the big news of the day is that I'm done with classes! We have finals next week to still worry about, but the actual going to class and sitting through lectures part of the semester is over! And I only have 3 finals (well, 4, but it's one that's online and I don't have to take if I really don't want to) and one of them isn't going to be hard at all! My geography one is all questions STRAIGHT from our quizzes, plus we know exactly which ones 40 of the 100 are... so that's fantastic :)
Um... I get to go home in like a week and a half! It's been kind of weird being one of the few people who haven't gone home at all yet, but it's been good. I'm way excited to have a break and to spend it at home though. I miss my mom's food as well as all sorts of "Tucson-only" restaurants... In 'N Out (which I WILL have my first night home), Eegee's, and Hungry Howies. Even the Texas Roadhouse I'm closest to up here isn't as good! So yeah, it'll be good to be home and to see everyone. There's people who have gotten back from missions that I'll finally get to see, as well as boys who will be leaving before I get back again that I'll have to say goodbye to...
I guess that's all for now... I'll try to get better at this whole posting thing :) Have a great day!

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