Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday... For Lack of a Better Word...

So I'm home for Christmas now and it's been good. Yesterday I went back to the home ward and it was great! Haha it was a little loud compared bo my student ward, but still good. It was fun to see everyone; all the new families, how much the kids hae grown up, etc.
Last November I was called to teach primary. I started out with the 10 year olds, but after a couple months they moved me to Sunbeams. I LOVED it! These little 3 year olds are the most adorbale, greatest things! Yesterday I got to go back to class. I was so excited, and they were too when I walked in! These kids are amazing. I love them! They are so sweet and happy. I get to be with them again next week and I can't wait! I've missed them so much! I've missed sweet little Bryson's "Siwster Awen." And precious Jillian sitting on my lap and playing with my CTR ring. Jake, my wild and crazy little man is such a sweetheart. And Chase! He moved in just a couple months before I left for school, so cute! And oh man, Parker... haha I love that kid! He's so quiet and seems shy, but once he warms up to you... so cute! I seriously want to combine all 6 of these kids into the kids I'll have one day. They all have their own sweet little personalities, and you can already see their testimonies growing. Haha if you've ever seen that church movie "Out of the Mouths of Babes," that's my class. They're all so funny! They've all grown up so much since I left, they have the whole reverence thing down and are just so great. I love my sunbeams and can't wait until next week!!


  1. You are so cute about your little class. I know they love you and missed you once you were gone.
    I miss primary too, they are all so adorable and it is wonderful to see their little testimonies grow.
    Although, it is fun to be in Young Women's now. Emily is so cute in there. See you on Sunday.

  2. Bryson loves you too! He was so excited to see you on Sunday. Too bad he was sick the next Sunday, but at least your not! ;)

  3. you are braver than I. I moved to a singles ward before they could give me a primary calling ;) but that's adorable


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