Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recent News...

So it's been awhile since I've posted anything real, rather than just the survey thingys, so here I am! I actually can't think of where to begin....
I guess the biggest thing is that I'm pretty close to 100% sure I'm going to switch majors! I've thought about it a lot and I think Exercise Science is the place for me! I love kids, but I don't know if I love them THAT much ya know? However, by being in Exercise Science, I know that's something I will always love, and a lot! The body fascinates me! And learning about it comes really easily for me! So right now the plan is to get my bachelor's here in that and then go to grad school to become a PA. I may take a year off in between to work, because PA schools are really competitive and they like it when you have some clinical work experience (especially if you have like 3 years!) So I'll try and get some in up here at school and then take a year to do it full time. PA's make really good money, and it's good hours too. So I'll get to be doing all the medical-y stuff that I love with only 6 years of school total instead of 14!
Other than that, more school stuff... I finally got a really good grade on a geography test! 94%! Sure, we got to use a single small page of notes which definitely helped! Also, I'm LOVING my Human Development class! It's fascinating to me! I really look forward to it every week! It's amazing! The teacher is great and while she goes fast, she covers the material all while making it way interesting! She's great and I highly reccomend her class!
Well, I think that's all the big stuff today. I'm off to go run and then go hang out with cute boys! Does it get any better than that? :-)

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  1. It's cool you know where you're going with your life. :) And it's nice to know somebody else I know who blogs (other than Whitney).

    Oh, did you find my blog?


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