Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Dream Come True!

So last night I went to the Jon Schmidt concert. Again. Haha it was my 4th time seeing him live, but it was the first full-length one I'd been to. He played for 2 hours and it just flew by! I honestly could have sat there for DAYS and been just fine. It was the perfect show! He did all his classics that everyone loves, Waterfall, Dumb Song, All of Me, etc. He threw in some of his new stuff coming out, as well as a Christmas one. Then, one of his very last songs was my very favorite one. Tribute! I love it, and in all the 3 times I'd seen him previously he hadn't played it. It was incredible. It made me cry it was so beautiful! Pathetitc? Maybe, but I don't care. I seriously am in awe by him and his talent. I wish I could be like him! And... I finally got to meet him! He came out after to do signings and pictures and everything. I got one of my books of his music signed, but my camera batteries had died, so no picture. But it was still way fun! I actually get to see him again in like a month and a half. He always brings his Christmas show to Phoenix and I'm actually going this year!
And then, to top off my dreams come true...
Tonight is one of the CES firesides that happen a few times each year. They're held down at BYU and every time, they have a choir performing. Ever since I've watched them I've wanted to be in that choir. Well, I'm in the institute choir up here at school, and on the first day of class we found out that we get to! We're singing tonight! It will be amazing! I can't wait! Everyone should watch it! It's at 6:00 and you can watch at your local stake center, or it'll be on TV, probably at the same times? Check KBYU and/or BYU tv. It's going to be awesome!

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