Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stolen From Erin

So I'm bored, I should be cleaning as checks are in half an hour, but oh well. So Erin had this on her blog and I thought it looked fun so I'm doing it too.

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Camp Kiesel! Greatest job EVER!!!
2. Cold Stone Creamery... NOT the best job ever!
3. Texas Roadhouse! Also an amazing job! (I worked at Hungry Howie's at the same time so we'll count them as one)
4. And now I'm an office assistant in my school's Natural Resources buliding. Haha way fun!

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once
1. Sleepless in Seattle. My very favorite. No question.
2. You've Got Mail. A close second to the first one.
3. Return to Me. Probably third in line.
4. Almost every single Disney movie. Cars and Enchanted are my favorites.

Four Places I've Been
1. Lived in Tucson, Arziona.
2. Now live in Logan, Utah.
3. Love California!
4. I went to Michigan once...

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. I think my very favorite is a really good burger. I highly reccomend: IHOP's, Royal Red Robin burger, the Cheddarburger from Texas Roadhouse, and In 'N Out. I miss it greatly.
2. Pasta. Any kind! My favorite thing is to do the "Create Your Own Pasta" at Maccaroni Grill. But really, I'll eat any kind. Firehouse's Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta is a new love.
3. Pizza! I'm going crazy without Hungry Howie's! They have flavored crust and no one else does! I miss my ham and mushroom pizza on ranch crust!
4. And... oh man I don't even know. I just love food.

Four Places I Want to Visit
1. Europe. Hands down. I am dying to see Greece, London, Ireland, Paris, everything!!
2. I think Africa is next. I would love to go there!
3. Australia would be amazing too.
4. And I really just need to see more of my own country. I've never been to the east coast and I want to! I want to go to D.C. soooo bad! And North Carolina! haha

Four Things I Am Looking Forward to This Coming Year

1. My birthday :-) It's on Saturday, so I don't have to wait much longer.
2. My classes next semester! I think they'll be great! And relatively easy which is nice.
3. Summer. I love summer.
4. Getting married. NOT! Haha that's just everyone's stereotype of Utah college girls... hehe :-)
The end. Enjoy. Steal it if you want to. Haha

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