Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend Plans

So it's technically Thursday, but tomorrow is the beginning of fall break! (Not really much of a break though, just a 3 day weekend, but still, it's better than nothing!) So the school decided that today we'll have our Friday schedule of classes. Many teachers decided not to have class or to just do review sessions. Geography was just a review day, but of course he gave us one of our extra credit "quizzes." Happy! And then I went to math, but only like 10 people were showing up. I really didn't want to be there so I looked in the book at what we were learning today, and it was stuff I already know how to do. Usually we have a quiz every Friday, but she figured a lot of people wouldn't come today so our quiz is Monday. So what did I do? I went in, gave a friend my assignment to turn in, and I left! So now I'm at work.
This weekend will be interesting, that's for sure. Since it's a long one, almost everyone is going home. I seriously know of like 5 people that will be left in my building! So tomorrow is going to be my 'catch up' day. I'm going to do some hardcore cleaning of my apartment, and work on homework. My goal is to get my paper done that's due Thursday, study for my test that's on Tuesday, and do as much of the math that I can teach myself for the week. I want to be not only caught up, but ahead because it's Homecoming week! There's fun stuff planned for the whole week and not only do I want to go, but I'm on Traditions committee so we're planning all the activities and events and then we all have to be there to kinda help out. It will be way fun, but it leaves no time for homework. So that's Friday. Then on Saturday I get to hang out with my two favorite boys in the whole world again! Haha I'm going to Lagoon with Shawn and Jason and it will be great fun :-)
Not only do I have all that, but since I'm one of the few staying for the weekend, I have a whole bunch to do church-wise! I'm playing the piano in Sacrament (haha I can't play the organ...) and I have to teach Relief Society! So I'm going to be one busy girl these next couple of days!
So, for those of you reading this, have a great weekend! I'll post again after all my adventures, with pictures and everything! Love you all!

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