Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There are four (scratch that. Five. Randall was hiding in the corner.) of us presently sitting in the Statesman office.
Megan was in the middle of writing a post just ranting about life in general.
I thought about that, and realized I hadn't had a ranting post in awhile, but didn't really have anything to rant about.

A few minutes later, Megan and I got talking about Grey's Anatomy and why the heck wasn't there a new episode last week??

I was so disappointed!
All day Friday (yes, the day after Grey's, but I don't have tv, so that's how I roll) I was counting down the hours til I could go home, get in my sweats, and watch my guilty pleasure show.

So I get home, get settled, and get on to Hulu.
Search: Grey's Anatomy
Latest Episode: Start Me Up
(if you're not a fan, that was last week's episode)

Enter Catherine: "And you don't have anything to rant about??"

She's so right. As always.

So here it is. My rant on this random bye week of new tv. There's not a new episode this week either. And there wasn't a new HIMYM last night.
There's no new Modern Family tonight.
There hasn't been a new Glee since Christmas...

What the heck?? I object. These shows are how I get through my weeks people!!

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