Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Every Survivor Got a Story"

there is not enough paper in the whole world,
and not enough pens,
to write down what these survivors went through

-Joe Grabezak, Holocaust survivor

Sometimes I wish I were interested in topics that weren't so sad, but I am incredibly fascinated by the Holocaust. 
So tonight, when Isaac's Facebook status mentioned a documentary he'd watched, I was instantly drawn to it. 

Paper Clips tells the story of the children of Whitwell Middle School.
To help them learn the impact of the Holocaust, they decided to collect 6 million paper clips; one for each person lost in the extermination.
The paper clips were chosen because many people in Norway wore them on their lapels during WWII as a symbol of resistance against Nazi occupation.
Before they knew it, the Washington Post, NBC News, and others began telling their story.
Paper clips came flooding in from all over the world.
Along with the paper clips came stories.
Stories of people who knew survivors, people who were survivors themselves.

Many of the survivors took a trip to little Whitwell, Tenn. where they talked to the community and told their stories.
It's one thing to read the stories of the Holocaust, but to hear them straight from the mouths of those who experienced it is an entirely different thing.
They went through so much, lost so much, and learned so much.
They have gone on to do incredible things with their lives, and bless ours because of it.

"Happiness makes me cry more than anything else"

Watch this movie.
You won't regret it. 


  1. This movie is amazing! I know how you feel. I love learning about the civil war and ww2. Like the saddest moments in history

  2. I love Holocaust books! I've always felt kinda bad that I love them sooooo much.... I need to watch this


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