Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And This is Why...

I stopped watching the Bachelor.

For 3 years or so, I haven't watched it.
I haven't gotten involved.


This season brought the return of Brad.
I couldn't resist.

So here I sit, in the computer lab of the TSC.
(skipping yoga because of that whole not being able to breathe thing)
Super emotionally involved.
Finding things adorable, finding other things ridiculous.

Like this whole recording the song thing?
I love it because he knows he can't sing.
Neither can she.
And the fact that this song is so significant to her without him knowing... Presh.
End of story, I love Ashley S.

And Emily.
I'm excited that they have a date coming up.
One of these two needs to "win."

Why do they keep acting??

Mormon in Manhattan does fantastic play-by-play recaps.
Highly entertaining to see her thoughts on it.

In other news.
Little Miss SLC needs to peace the heck out.
I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned anything about her birthday yet...

And Vampire Chick? wth??

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  1. Haha! This is my first season watching it and I am sorry to say I am addicted as well...


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