Monday, January 31, 2011

A Legacy

Warning. This is one of those, "geez Megan, you get emotional about such silly things" kind of posts. So if you don't like those, then just stop reading now.

A couple of weeks ago I made the first of what will be a series of nine purchases.
I bought two seasons of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.
I've been bouncing back and forth between episodes of seasons 7 and 9, picking and choosing between some of my favorite episodes.
(sidenote, the whole Laura and Almanzo love story? Seriously the greatest one ever.)

I just finished the episode "Once Upon a Time."
The episode ends with a little blonde girl running to the library as fast as she can.
She books it to the back and searches the shelf for the perfect book.
And then she finds it.
Little House on the Prairie
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

She picks up this book and simply grins. 
And I found myself crying.
(not like sobbing crying, but just a little "oh, that brings back emotions" kind of cry)

That little girl may as well have been me. 

These books were my childhood.
I was reading this series on my own the summer before kindergarten.
I have read every single one (including the Caroline, Charlotte and Rose series) so many times I've lost count. 
Their stories are simple and pure.
They are funny and happy and teach lessons. 
They are real life.

I love them.

I will always have these books in my home.
My children will read them.
I will own all nine seasons of the show.
My children will watch them. 

These stories always have been, and always will be a part of my life. 

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  1. Forgive me for blog-stalking, but I read this and had say something.

    My roommates mock me, my friends mock me, and even my family thinks I'm weird, but I grew up watching and reading Little House on the Prairie, and I still have a freakish love for it. Every Thanksgiving me and my little sister watch all 9ish episodes of the Laura and Almanzo love story, including the magical transformation of Laura in braids to...well, I don't really know what.

    I'm glad to know there are a few of us left.


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