Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Semester #2!

I can't believe I'm already into my 2nd semester of college! So far, it's going so well! I'm really excited for all of it! I've got a busy schedule, but it shouldn't be to tough. Here's an overview:

Anatomy- SO EXCITED! Haha it shouldn't be any secret that I love the human body. It's so fascinating! The class will be tough, but I've had anatomy before so I kinda have the upper hand on some other people. To go with this class there's a lab. Besides being totally exciting and interesting, it's taught by two of the most attractive men I've ever seen! They're super smart, future doctors, and just overall attractive. :)

Sports Psychology- This one will be great too! It will be interesting, plus again, attractive men are in this class. It's full of more future doctors as well as many of my school's athletes. 

History of P.E- Yes, you read the right. Not only did I choose to take the History of P.E., I HAVE to take it. It's a requirement for my major. Haha it shouldn't be too bad though. It'll be pretty easy.

Humanities- This one is just a general, but it should be good. We're just talking about the arts and literature and stuff from the Modernism Era until now.

Women's Choir- I decided that I miss the seriousness of my high school choir, so instead of doing the institute one, I'm doing the one through the school that I didn't have to audition for. It'll be fun!

Ballroom Dance- 3 words. More. Attractive. Men. haha that definitely helps in a class with all the physical contact and such that this class has. I love dancing. Today we started the Viennese Waltz. So fun! And like I said, gorgeous men. :)

So I think that covers it! Plus, I have institute and then I'll have an A-Team training class too. So it's busy, but it'll be fun!


  1. I'm getting the feeling that Megan loves attractive men. I don't know why though... I think it's because I can read people's auras. Yours looks really sunsetty. I'm really diggin it.

  2. Mmm... no, I don't think so. I'm really not a fan of attractive men. Haha sunsetty eh? Nice word Whit. :)


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