Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Basketball Post!

So there is really nothing better than a night in the Spectrum. It's absolutely magical in there, but it's one of those things that you have to experience for yourselves to truly understand. Last night we played Hawaii and it was amazing! Our boys are so talented! I love them!! We have 2 regular season games left, but since I'm going home for Spring Break I'll miss our last one :( Because of our win last night, we are the outright WAC champions!!! That's right! My Aggies!! No matter what, we have the best record in our conference! Right now our overall record is 26-1and we're 13-1 in conference play! I love it!! Last night we won 82-62!! No joke! After the game each of the boys took a part in cutting down the net and we all stormed the court een though we weren't supposed to... Haha we found a way around the rope :) Here are some pictures documenting the evening...

"Is that not a scoreboard? Yes that is a scoreboard! Is that not an 82? Yes that is an 82! Is that not a 62? Yes that is a 62! Is that not the winning team? Yes that is the winning team! Is that not the losing team? Yes that is the losing team! Winning team, losing team! Winning team, losing team!"
I love my Aggies!!! Rock it in Reno boys!!

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  1. the name of that elder doesnt sound familiar but i will let you know if i run into him!


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