Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun at the Park!

Spring is here! This was the first weekend in who knows how long that has been warm and nice and sunny so we took advantage of it! Sarah, Ashley and I went on a little adventure to Willow Park. We had so much fun swinging, looking at animals, and just laughing. I actually learned a few things from this outing. 1) there are albino porcupines! and 2) you know you've lived in Arizona long enough when the sound of excited coyotes no longer scares you. It was great to see Sarah and Ashley's reactions to them. We had a blast tonight and I hope we take advantage of the beautiful Cache Valley weather more often :D

Yay for swings!

These ducks are my new best friends. They were so funny! Who knew ducks could be funny!?

Love these girls!!


  1. Haha, there's a duck pond right across the street from where I live in Provo, and they are so hilarious. I love those ducks! Sometimes they'll get lost and they'll wander up the hill to campus, and I'll see them just walking on the sidewalks or in the middle of the road at the top of the hill. Haha. Silly ducks.

  2. I love you too! :) I love our park outings. We must go again soon!

  3. I love the park Megan...seriouslly it's one of my favorite things to do. You rock girl!

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy the warm weather while it lasted. Can you believe snow in April? Yuck!


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