Friday, May 22, 2009

New Friends, New Fun

Once upon a time, we decided to make cookies. There was something on the bottom of the oven from the girls who lived here before that was burning off so we opened the door. Next thing we know, our apartment was full of boys! They'd smelled the cookies and wanted some! So we thought that was kind of odd, but oh well. We let them have some (they were kind of burnt and they still ate them! After the cookies, we were all friends! We went with them that night to watch The Office, and now we've been fairly inseparable! We've hung out nearly every night... everything from barbecues to Yoga X, camping to midnight movies in the high school auditorium (no worries with that one, Greg's one of the head janitors and got permission). We've even had the cops called on us a couple of times! (dumb neighbors is all... we were just watching American Idol! haha) So anyway, here are pictures of the boys. They're all so great! They're fun, entertaining, and all around good boys! :) All these pictures show them in funny situations, but that's just how they are!

Mike Barlow

Nate Needham

Andrew Porter

Greg Cox, Scott Needham, and Neal Ackerman

Thomas Burmingham


  1. haha this is a great post, i loves it. and i loves all the boys. :)

  2. Me too! haha hence the post. i decided they were great enough to get a post devoted to them :)

  3. Now why couldn't my college days be as fun!!
    I am so glad that you are loving life.


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