Friday, July 3, 2009

Current Thoughts

So this isn't necessarily venting, it's not ranting, but I just have a bunch of random thoughts that I feel I need to get out. So enjoy it, or not, I don't really care :)

I'm starting to feel old. Within the last month or so I've had 3 good friends who are my age get married. It's so crazy! I mean, with all of them, I know they're happy. I know they've made a good choice in their men. I'm happy for them, I really am. But for me, I don't understand getting married so early! So much of the college experience is being free and single. Getting married young is definitely not for me. I love them all though and am SO happy for them! 

*My Future...
I think I have a plan. I know what I want to do with my life, for now anyway. I've been thinking about it a lot and then the other day my mom said something that made me REALLY think. She said "they should pay you for all these people you're getting to come to Utah State!" After that, I thought... huh, I could do that! I very well could get paid for doing such things. It's called working at a university! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I love the college life. I am passionate about Utah State and want to help others feel the same way! I've decided to pursue a master's in Higher Education Administration! I don't know what to do as my undergrad degree, but I'm working on that. I've contacted people from some of the universities with that graduate degree and asked their opinion, but from what I'm sensing, it doesn't really matter. One guy just told me to do something I'm passionate about. That's been a big thought for me lately. Passion. I've decided it isn't really about the money, I just want to do something I love. I've seen too many people who are in their careers because of the money or because they feel they have to be, but they don't love what they do. I'm currently an Exercise Science major, but I think I'm losing the passion for that. So I have a lot of thinking to do. I need a major. I'm thinking maybe PR or something like that. That's something that would come in handy in administration. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

I finally have one! Well actually, I have 4... I'm on the A-Team, you all know that, but that's only 13 days throughout the summer. That definitely wasn't going to be enough. Then I got a job at Hamilton's working with their catering. I was really excited about it, but it turned out to be not what I wanted it to be. I knew scheduling was going to be pretty crazy, but it was worse than I thought. I've worked all of 6 times since the last week of April. I picked up a paycheck (my last...) and since I started, I've made a grand total of $298! Pathetic. Since early May I've been looking for an additional job. At that point it was to go along with Hamilton's, but as time went on it became a quest for something to replace it. Amidst my job hunt, I got an email from my supervisor at my on campus job. She asked if I wanted to come back for half of Thursdays and all of Fridays during the month of July! She said "if it helps, we'll bump your pay up to $9/hr" I was already going to say yes, but the raise made it even better. At that point, that was the biggest blessing! I'm running out of money so I was super excited. And then... about a week ago I had an interview at Foot Locker. It went really well and then I got a second interview followed by a job offer! So I started there on Tuesday, and I think I'm really going to like it! It's a very different type of job for me, I've never done retail before. It's going to be a lot of fun though I think. Cute boys, good discounts, what else do you need? Today I went in and I quit at Hamilton's. I was so scared because I haven't quit a job since my sophomore year of high school. It went fairly well though and I feel like I was very... diplomatic... about it. 

So anyway, I realize now how novel-ish this post is. I get kind of carried away I guess. It's good to get all this written out though! Have a fantastic 4th! I know I can't wait! It's my favorite day of the year :) And can I just tell you how excited I am that I get fireworks 3 times this month? THREE times! I can't wait. The end. 

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