Friday, September 4, 2009

Aggie Athletics

Fall is officially here. Football season has started. Last night we played the University of Utah in Salt Lake. We didn't win, but we're showing MAJOR improvement! Last year when we played them, they killed us 58-10. Last night the final score was 35-17. We had the first points (a field goal in the first few minutes)and then later, we had a 96 yard touchdown!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I was one of the lucky ones to actually be at the game and I loved it. I had so much fun! My throat isn't used to games, so it's a bit sore this morning, but that's ok. In honor of athletics off and running, here's my top five (I didn't have time to think of 10) favorite things about Aggie athletics.

5. New friends! We're all so mashed together, everyone trying to get as close as they can so you can't help but meet new people! You automatically bond over your shared love of the Aggies.
4. The atmosphere. No matter what kind of game it is, I just love it. For football I love the lights, the faint scent of fall, the setting sun behind the stadium. I love the noise, the food, the people. Being in the Sprectrum during basketball season is an experience in itself. It's a bit of heaven on Earth.
3. Losing control. I seem to be a totally different person when I'm at a game. I go crazy. Yes, I'm one of those front row crazy kind of people. I feel right at home though so it's a good different.
2. Winning (or not). Winning is always great, and we get lucky with basketball that that happens a lot, but even if we don't, I love seeing us try! Our football team is already showing major improvement and I can't wait to see what else we've got ahead.
1. School spirit. I love the Aggies. I love how much everyone else loves the Aggies. No matter what we support them! It doesn't matter if we're winning or losing, if we do something well or not, we're there. We're loud, we're excited. We sing our fight songs, and come up with some fabulous chants. I love it. There is not another school out there with as much spirit and support as we have. I love the Aggies!

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