Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things Making My Day

I woke up yesterday morning to a heavy, cold drizzle. I thought to myself, "lovely... it's going to be a great day..." And guess what? It was!
-I had a test (that's not why it's so great, don't worry, I'm not that crazy) and I feel really good about it! It was an essay test which I hate, but one of the two questions to choose from was one I knew really well and had been hoping would be on it!
-The weather! Weird, I know, but it's really fall now! And I LOVE fall! In honor of the day, we went and bought donuts, cinnamon apple bread, cider and hot chocolate then we took it to a couple of the houses of guys we're really good friends with as a 'happy fall' surprise. They loved it!! We loved making their days :)
-Yesterday was one of those rare 'oh man, we have nowhere to be' nights. You bet we took advantage of that! We went shopping, got some sweet jackets and fabulous knee socks, then hit up Cafe Rio, took our friend to dinner during his work break. Then we did our fall treats and topped off the night with country dancing! We agreed it was the best night of September.
-Along with the weather thing, it got us really excited for the football game tomorrow. We play BYU in Provo. Pretty much anyone you talk to will say that BYU's going to kick our trash, but we feel like they have another thing coming. They're really not as good as people give them credit for, and we've come a long way. I mean last year, we were the first team to score against them and we did it twice. We're a very different team now and I can't wait for tomorrow!
-Keeping with the sports theme, yesterday marked the exact one month until BASKETBALL SEASON!!! Hooray! We can't wait.
-We decorated our apartment yesterday! We've finally gotten all our Aggie pride stuff up; posters, Mardis Gras beads in school colors, pennants, etc. Also up is our quote wall. Finally. We say a lot of funny things and have been forgetting about them. Now we can keep up. We put up fall decorations too! Leaves on the wall and tables, candles, all that good stuff. We feel really good about it.
-I fell in love with a new band. Rogue Wave. If you've seen 'Love Happens,' (which everyone needs to see) they're in there. I saw the movie, bought the soundtrack, and now I'm addicted. They even already have their own station on my Pandora. That's how great they are. I don't make stations for just anyone.

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  1. YOU ARE TOO CUTE!! Really. I LOVE your blog :D and you have a kick trash life!


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