Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So I have this bat...

I never really have good luck with boys. A lot of it is my fault I think. I'm not very forward. I have a hard time letting them know how I feel. I hate being straight forward about it. I'm not one to go up and say "yeah, I like you."
My best friend on the other hand has had a lot more experience and she's a lot less subtle. I've learned a lot from her and I'm learning more every day. Luckily I have her to turn to when I'm totally confused. Like right now.
For the second time this school year I pretty much straight up told a guy that I liked him. That is so not me.
I turned to her and said "now what?"
"Well," she said, "the ball's in his court. Now you just have to wait for him to throw it back. You're standing at home plate, ready for the pitch."
Thanks girl. You're the best. I like the way you put it.
So I have this bat...


  1. When the ball is in his court, you aren't using a bat...?

  2. I know, kind of a cross of sports, but still. It works.

  3. you got to just throw it out there and then not worry about it anymore. like you gotta let them know that you're ready to play, but you don't want to bug them about it too much. so it's more like you're standing there and you just nonchalantly say "so i have this bat...." and then that's the end of it. then you just gotta wait until they throw you something you can swing at. :) haha oh my advice on men. hilarious.


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