Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Ramblings

We beat New Mexico State last night to win the outright WAC championship. That's three years in a row! The boys played a solid game and rocked it. Afterward, we rushed the court and cut down the nets. Such a great feeling!

I'm going to San Francisco for Spring Break next week!! It kind of came out of nowhere, and was a completely spontaneous decision, but I'm stoked!!

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so independent... For the most part, I'm ok with it. It makes me feel good to be completely on my own. I love that I can take care of my problems on my own and not have to rely on anyone else, but sometimes, it sucks. I hear people complaining or stressing about stuff, they have some solution that involves someone else. Whether it's getting money from their parents or whatever, they have someone to fix it. I usually don't. And for the most part, I'm ok with it, I really am. But sometimes it just gets really frustrating, ya know? Oh well.

I'm really glad I'm not completely socially awkward.

I need extra credit in Media Smarts and can get that by dressing up as an "unapologetic woman" for the Women Rock the Runway event... Thoughts please! I've thought about Cyndi Lauper, Baraba Walters, or Annie Oakley... any other ideas?

I really just need to get out. I need a break. Good thing I get one starting Friday!

Today I'm going to sit and chat with the president of our university about a book. As part of the A-Team we do a class for freshmen called Connections. Part of the class is having everyone read the same book. Each year they pick two or three A-Team members who read the book earlier and go talk to President Albrecht. This year, I'm one of those people. The book was really good and I'm hoping the whole thing won't be hard or nerve-wracking...

And... that's a lot of thoughts. I know I had more, but I can't remember them...


  1. There are people who wish that they weren't in the situation that they are in so that they could give their amazing daughter everything she wants, needs, and desires.

  2. It's not that it's a bad thing. It's good for me. It just gets stressful sometimes. haha

  3. joan of arc. you should do her. she's freaking awesome! also the independence thing is awesome. I wish i was more like that. don't give up!!!!


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