Friday, May 28, 2010

10 things I love:

10- fountain Diet Coke with pellet ice
9- summer/heat. I'd rather be hot than cold any day
8- boys. Particularly those who smell good, dress up, or call me Meg
7- the lingering smell of campfires
6- writing and reporting the news
5- sports. Especially if they involve the Aggies, the Cowboys, AZ Cardinals, or the Jazz
4- rodeos, cowboys, demolition derbies and country dancing
3- sleeping in a cold room with lots of blankets
2- fireworks and the 4th of July
1- driving stick

10 things I don't love:

10- bad grammar and spelling
9- tomatoes and cucumbers
8- doing crafty things
7- reality shows that never seem to end (e.g, Survivor, the Apprentice)
6- long, boring class lectures
5- the sound of ice scraping
4- people who don't follow through
3- bad drivers
2- BYU and the Lakers
1- being late

also... I'll be home in the desert in approximately 32 days...

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