Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day on My Own

So after a weekend of hanging around my house by myself, I decided to make today different. I was already planning on lunch with my mentor and friend, Tiff, but after that I wasn't ready to head back to my quiet, empty house.

I decided to stop at the mall. After wandering around for awhile, I got curious about a matinee movie. Turned out The Killers was starting in about half an hour.

With only a moment's hesitation, I headed over to the theater.

I got in to the room and it was just me and a couple summer citizens.

I was early, and it was still on the repetitive commercials that play pre-previews, so I pulled out my book, that I of course carry around in my purse.

To some it may have seemed strange, but I thought it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

p.s, Killers was great. Super funny!

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