Sunday, June 13, 2010

Presenting the Class of 1950...

Tonight for work, we served dinner for a 60th class reunion. 60TH!! That's insane. I can't even think what my 5th or let alone 10th reunion will be like!

Can you imagine? These people graduated from high school in 1950. They went to North Cache when it apparently was a high school. It's a junior high now.

I loved how in love all these old couples were! At the end of dinner, everyone went around saying what they've been up to, etc. One lady got up and said she'll have been married for 61 years this year, (yes, do the math, married longer than graduated from high school). Her husband got up next (apparently they went to school together) and said the following:

"I need to correct my life on something she said. She said we'll be married for 61 years this year. In reality, we've been married for 60 years, 6 months, 15 days, and a few hours."

Cute huh!? Pretty much the cutest thing ever. These people have been together for so long! It gives me hope for the world.

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