Friday, June 4, 2010

This is why it scares me...

Remember my whole fear of commitment/relationships?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that these days I know of more people breaking off engagements than actually following through with it.

This is why you shouldn't get engaged after only a month, my friends!! You do NOT know each other well enough after a month!

I know they say that "when you know, you know" or whatever, but even if you "know," you still don't know enough about the other person. You probably haven't seen them at their worst. You may not have even seen them at their best. You haven't seen them in holiday family situations or in all their different groups of friends.

Give it time. Be patient. Enjoy the ride and don't rush into things.


  1. How do you spell commitment issues? B. R. O. O. K. E. Great, refreshing post girlie!

  2. i just had a conversation with my best friend about exactly the same thing. she even quoted the whole, "when you know, you know" and said how it was ridiculous, because they haven't seen you at your worst.

    very true statement.


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