Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feast Or Famine

It's weird how the whole dating thing works...
I seriously go for MONTHS without anything from any boy.
No dates, cuddling, kisses, etc.
Then all of a sudden I have...

1 boy at home to figure out.
(seriously. I need to know what's going on.)

1 cuddle night on a rebound
(for him for sure, and I was just confused).
1 set-up in the works.
(after all, the whole goal of the 47th ward is to get us all married.)
1 date invitation.
(to be accepted at a later date since I already have plans.)

1 promise of a date in the near future.
(after having an awesome time tonight.)

Why couldn't this all have been spread out over time? It would make for one far less confused Megan, that's for sure.


  1. This is just the way life works. I think it all comes down to confidence..... Here is some self analysis by Sarah Jane Webb. The thing I have noticed with myself is that I am dating, and then I break up and I am sad and trying to hard to find someone else all while wondering what is wrong with me and why it ended and what went wrong then I continue to wonder that for a long time... I miss having someone and I miss dating and so you are constantly looking for someone all while not having the confidence to actually get someone and then after a long time of feeling this way, I am ready to give up and I do in a sense. I stop looking, I stop caring and all the sudden you are noticed because you are confident and happy and no longer desperate to fill that void. and that my friend is my philosophy in the 'feast and famine'... Just a thought.

  2. So I just don't know who the 1 date invitation is. Pretty sure I know the 1 promise, but you should tell me just in case I'm thinking wrong.

  3. I guess that makes sense, Sarah. Only in my case there haven't been any breakups, just giving up I suppose.


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