Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sabbath Observances

I hate watching couples sit in church who are all over each other. I mean, it's one thing for a guy to have his arm around his girl, or for her to be scratching his back. I can handle that. But let's not get too crazy. None of this hardcore cuddling or full-on massages please.

Dear boys. Do you even know how hot you are when you're at church? Suits and ties? Yes, please. Also, the whole passing the Sacrament thing is so great. It says a lot to us girls. Clearly, you're Priesthood and temple worthy which is seriously the most attractive thing ever.

Is it really so hard to find a happy-medium temperature for the chapel? I know there are a lot of people, so yes, circulating air is necessary, but we don't really need to freeze do we?? I guess it keeps us awake...

I got my new iPod, p.s. And there's tons of space on it! I've always wanted to have conference talks, etc. on my iPod, but my old one just didn't have room for them. However, the tables have turned. I now have all of the talks and songs from last session, as well as tons of CES firesides. Having these made the walk to church this morning so much greater!

Here's a thought from one of the talks I listened to today...

It's your reaction to adversity, 
not the adversity itself that
determines how your life story will develop.
(Your Happily Ever After, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, General YW Meeting, 2010)

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