Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's just talk about how much I love my life today.
Here's why.

I'm starting to write for the sports section of the Statesman a little bit. Kind of nervous, but it will be fun. I'm starting by covering the soccer game on Sunday and then doing a feature on one of our basketball players. Should be sweet!

One of my really good friends has been making awesome changes and improvements in his life, and it makes me super super happy. He keeps me in the loop of it all, and I think it's brought us a lot closer. He's kind of had to put up with a lot of crap lately, so everything he's doing is so great and I love it! Any time we talk about any of it, it makes my day/week/life!

The first regular season basketball game is tomorrow. We'll be spending the day in Heaven (and by Heaven I of course mean the Spectrum) and it will be wonderful.

After the game, begins the Halloween stuff. Which to Erin and I equals watching Elf. Don't judge.

I'm actually dressing up for Halloween-esque stuff tonight... We're crashing the ward Halloween party of our old awesome ward, and then heading to the Great Gatsby party the SigEps are putting on. Love the 20s.

Last night was the first of a few USU Open Houses that I get to attend/work at. It's nights like that that remind me that I am in fact heading in the right direction. I love talking to students about Utah State and telling them how wonderful it is. If I can get paid to be a part of that, why not? Nice little answers to constant prayers like that are kind of awesome.

And... happy 200th post!!


  1. Statesman sports w0000000t!!!

    And just to be clear, the regular season doesn't start for basketball until the 13th against Weber State, but we treat these exhibitions all the same.

    And that's cool about your friend making improvements and all. haha.

  2. Right. They definitely count as regular season in my book. hahaha

    And yay sports! Even though I'm scared... but more excited than scared... :)

    And yeah, it's pretty great I'd say... ;)


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