Saturday, November 27, 2010

Arizona Weekend

One Wednesday,  I got a call from my friend Aaron.

"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?" he said. "Want to go to Arizona?"

I thought about it for a second, realized I didn't really have anything going on, so I said sure!

His brother-in-law had bought a car from his grandparents who live in Mesa and he needed to go pick it up. Nathanael is a huge Seahawks fan, so he and Aaron had been planning on going up to Seattle at some point to go to a game. He had had the trip to AZ planned for awhile, and then found out the Seahawks would be playing the Cardinals the weekend he was there so he invited Aaron to join him. Aaron, knowing that I'm a huge Cardinals fan, then invited me.

So it was a super spontaneous trip, which is always fun.

Aaron and I drove my dad's car down Saturday (Nov. 13), taking a pit stop at the Grand Canyon...

We spent the night in Mesa, and Sunday morning, met up with the guy who was selling us his tickets. We headed to University of Phoenix Stadium, wandered the tailgate parties (which, p.s, these guys really know how to tailgate! It was legit.) The stadium is right next to Arena (where the Phoenix NHL team plays) and there's a whole group of restaurants surrounding it (along with more tailgating). We grabbed food and wandered around for a bit...

Finally, the gates were about to open so we headed back to the stadium.

Even though he's not really a Seattle fan, Aaron wore the jersey because Nathanael had an extra. It made the day very entertaining. People commented all the time. Most the time it was directed at me saying things like "What are you doing with these idiots?" During the game I sat in between the two of them, and we got a lot of the same. It was highly entertaining.

Even though my boys lost, I had a blast. It was my first NFL game and it was SO fun! Aaron and I decided it's a good thing Utah doesn't have an NFL team because then we would a) spend too much money and b) miss too much church.

The epicness of the weekend didn't stop there though.

After the game, we drove down to Tucson to see my family for a bit, then drove back to Utah Monday morning. Aaron's family already had plans to go the Jazz game for his sister's birthday that night, so I just tagged along.

Apparently I'm bad luck... My first NFL game, my team loses. My first NBA game, my team loses... But oh well! It was such an epic weekend and I loved every second of it :)

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  1. I'm gonna guess that you have been to a Jazz game before...


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