Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 10 - A Picture of a Person I Can See Myself Marrying

Ah... The one everyone has been dreading. This post has the potential to be awkward. The truth is, there are guys in my life right now who I could see myself marrying, but I feel like if I told them that, they would get scared. I had thought about blurring a picture of some guy, but then Sarah did it and I didn't want to steal the idea.

So instead I'll just tell you about this future Mr. Right...
Here's a picture of someone that is a lot like my future husband, whoever/wherever he may be.

(I'm kind of addicted to HIMYM these days)

My man is:
A strong member of the Church (Ted Mosby's only flaw, I'm sure)
Attractive, but not necessarily model-gorgeous
A good communicator

will love me for who I am.
won't take me too seriously all the time.
will do more than just put up with my quirks and oddities.
will enjoy some of the things I do, but have his own hobbies and passions.

We will
raise the most awesome kids ever.
have family prayer and scripture study.
live happily ever after. But really, we will.


  1. Meagan.... He's not that good looking.

  2. It's the ones who aren't necessarily drop dead gorgeous who will treat you right. The HOT ones are simply super full of themselves. :(

  3. I have a heterosexual crush on Ted Mosby, good choice.


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