Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 2- A Really Good Memory

Tonight's events helped me decide what my "really good memory" would be. 

Every once in awhile, we hit up Beto's as a Statesman crew after a production night. 

Now, tonight was only the second one, but they continue to be epic. 

The first one was about a month ago, and I'm not gonna lie, it was probably the best Beto's run of my life. 

We're already pretty close as a staff, but these nights bring out the best of us and our bonding.

We're there for hours.

The food is gone pretty quick, but we just sit and chat and enjoy life.

We gossip.
The boys give us girls advice about boys.
We give them advice for dealing with girls.
Luckily we're all the type that will easily admit to the stupidity of our respective gender.

These nights are the best.
Hands down. 

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