Saturday, November 27, 2010

Days 16 and 17

Day 16 - Someone I want to switch lives with for a day...

Secretly, well, not-so-secretly now I guess, I almost want to know what it's like to be a man. Not in the way that I want to live their lives or BE a man, but if I could switch with someone, just for a day, I could get an idea of what they're really like. What goes on in their heads (and otherwise) and just really try and figure them out. 

Let's be honest, we're all curious about the celeb life. If I were to choose one to switch with for a day, it would for sure be Reese. She's adorable, classy, and a good actress. Plus she gets to kiss lots of cute boys in her movies, and I'm fully ok with that. 

Day 17 - My favorite song

This one is HARD! My favorite song totally depends on the day... Here are a few current favorites...

Anberlin - Inevitable

Valencia - Safe to Say

The Band Perry - If I Die Young
*fun fact about this one... Every time I hear it, I think of Lord Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott." (ok maybe most of my experience of that poem comes from this scene of Anne of Green Gables...) Anyway, turns out I was right! When they wrote the song, that's the poem they got the idea from.*

Donny Osmond - Come to the Manger(it's Christmas time, I couldn't resist)

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