Friday, December 3, 2010

Days 22 & 23

Psych! I'm skipping day 22. A picture that confuses me? That's weird. haha

Day 23 - The Person You've Been Close to the Longest

Now, technically, Erin and I haven't been closest the longest, but she is the best friend I've had for the longest. All growing up, I'm pretty sure I had a different best friend every year. And then came Erin.

People always ask how we met.
The answer?
Facebook. Yep. True story.
The summer before our freshman year, a kid started a group for all of us who had graduated that year and would be coming to Utah State.
We discovered we'd be living in the same building and that we had tons in common. Later into our freshman year  we admitted to each other that we weren't sure how it would go once we actually met, but from the beginning we just clicked.
We finish each others sentences. One of us says one word and we both crack up without anyone else knowing what's going on. We share everything. We used to live together...
And then she went and met Matt. And fell in love in stuff. Whatever. (kidding! Love you both!)
But she's still pretty much the
Enjoy the following montage of the awesomeness of us. I'm too lazy to put the stories to them all, but if you want to know, ask.

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  1. And through erin, you met tab! Who, while not your bestie, is still pretty entertaining.


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