Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too Far

I knew reality TV was a whole new world, but it has crossed a new line.

Tonight as I was browsing through, trying to find something to watch, a title caught my eye.


Naturally my curiosity got the best of me and I watched the first episode. 

12 brides go off to this mansion (just like any other reality show) in hopes of winning their dream wedding. 
They compete in challenges each week, with one person getting eliminated. 
As each advances further into the competition, they also get one step closer to their "perfect" body.
Each week, the survivors get one more plastic surgery done. 
Kind of ridiculous.

The whole 45 minutes is full girls whining and fighting with each other.
Stupid, catty drama.
At first it was kind of entertaining - very Bachelor-esque.
But then it got to the "wish lists" of what each girl wanted to have done to her body.
Most of these girls are slim, healthy, and don't need any work done, but they don't see themselves the same way. 
Absolutely ridiculous. 

I was still kind of interested, but then at the end, after the elimination, the host told the girl 

"Your wedding will still go on, but it may not be perfect." 

Too far. 

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  1. This disgusts me to no end. The world is becoming more pathetic all the time.


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