Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Avoiding Explosion

My brain is about to explode.
So in order to avoid that, I'm going to write a little blog.

This is probably my worst finals week ever. I only have three tests (as opposed to the five I've had in a week before), but this is the first time every test has been comprehensive.
I had one on Monday. One tomorrow. And one on Friday.

Tomorrow's is an econ test.
I hate econ.
I'm not sure why I thought I would enjoy it and therefore why I decided to take the class.

Friday is Media Law... Pretty sure we all know how I feel about that class.

However. The point of this was to avoid thinking about finals.
Moving on.

So remember how I applied for editor in chief?
Then when I didn't get that, I applied for... everything else.
Well, I'm headed back to my roots as a journalist and will be...
assistant news editor
next year!
It will for sure be an adventure.

I also got/started a new job that I'll have for the summer. 
I work in the PR & Marketing office here on campus, and I love it so far!
My official title is that of an office assistant, but I do a lot more than your typical answering of phones, etc.
Basically, I spend the day scouring the internet for anything and everything being said about Utah State. 
I find the articles and see what people are saying.
Then I compile all the information into a big ol' report.

Check it out. 
I put THIS together!
Oh, and THIS too. 
The second one is the one that you can see if you just go to the Utah State Today site, then if you're really interested in it all, you would look at the first one.
It's actually super cool to put all this together. It's interesting to see who's talking about us and what's going on.
Yesterday, the report was huge because I had everything from the weekend, but it had been an exciting weekend, what with Curtis Marsh getting drafted by the Eagles, along with more developments in the Michael Starks case. 
It's way fun and I'm excited for the summer.

Mmmk well I'm going to go get some dinner now, then it's back to the books, hopefully with no cranial explosions... 

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