Thursday, May 26, 2011


(if I had a picture from tonight, I'd post it...)
We've come along way, eh?

Congratulations baby brother!

Tonight is a big night. 
Twelve long years of school have come to an end.
An hour and a half and it's all over. 

I know how much you have loved high school,
and it has loved you right back. 
You've made incredible friends who have had a permanent impact on your life. 

You boys are the kind of friends who will stay friends forever.
Don't worry.

You think these have been the best days of your life.
That's normal.
But I PROMISE there is so much more out there.
Your best days are ahead of you. 

College will rock your socks, you don't even know. 
I'm so excited for you to be an Aggie with me.
Next year is going to rock.
Can't. Wait. 

Again, congratulations.
You made it!
(because we were all real worried about that)


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