Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day of Rest

Sundays are excellent days.
I loved this one in particular.

After church, I gathered up a blanket and a book. Diet Coke and leftover Chili's chips & salsa.
And then I headed up to First Dam.

This little spot in the canyon is great.
It's gorgeous. Especially during the summer.

I laid there in the shade, cruising through my latest book.
I napped a little.
I people-watched.

The family of 5. Whose parents just wanted to rest, while the kids wanted to share their excitement about everything.
The couple who clearly hadn't been together for very long. Excited about their blossoming relationship, yet still in somewhat of the awkward phase.
The elderly summer citizen couple. He, meticulously cleaning the car; getting every last spot off. She, reading the Sunday paper, while telling him "It's good enough" and wanting him to come sit with her. The best part though, was when he returned to their chairs, put in his headphones, and sang along to the classics, happy as could be.

After an hour or so, I gathered my things and took a spontaneous drive, halfway up the canyon.


And then I drove to the temple.
(seriously, having a car rocks.)

Sunday was an excellent day. 

And I'm out. Time for fireworks round 1.
Then tomorrow in Provo.
Brigham City on Monday. 
Hands down, favorite weekend of the year. 

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