Friday, August 31, 2012

Growing Up

Growing up is a funny thing.

The first week of school is always a huge party.
There are events every day and night, encouraging students to get out and get involved from the beginning.
In past years, I wouldn't have missed any of these things.
For the first three years of college I was in the middle of it all, planning and executing the events.

This week, I was so busy with work and you know, starting grad school, that I didn't go to a single thing.
A younger version of me would have panicked.
This version?
Didn't even notice.

I spent the week at work.
I came home each night just wanting to be done with people.
Earlybird dinner with my grandparents and a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks marathon by myself.
Best kind of night.

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  1. Love it!!! My kinda night these days too :) love ya girl!!


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