Sunday, October 7, 2012

General Conference

This is one of the two best weekends of the year.
General Conference is absolutely incredible.
I wish I could go back to slap 12-year-old me and get her to pay more attention.

I can't wait to have a family of my own with our special Conference traditions.
Breakfast and snacks, attention-keeping activities for the kiddos.
(ok, let's be real I just can't wait to have that family of my own for all the time)
We'll sing the intermediate hymns together in our living room.
If we live in Utah, I want to spend at least one session on Temple Square - whether inside the Conference Center, the Tabernacle, or just listening outside.
(Husband, if you're reading this, hope you're cool with all that)

(taken by my iPhone after the Saturday session)

Technology is incredible.
Not even 10 minutes after the morning session ended today, the entire thing was up online, ready to watch again. 
I love the ever-growing group of people who sit and tweet through the entire thing, sharing their thoughts and insights of the talks and music.
It is through these means my testimony has been strengthened and I have made great friends, though I've never met most of them in real life.
I never thought I would be saying I have a testimony of social media, but it's a really great thing.
Today we had topics and speakers trending worldwide. People everywhere could see what was going on as well as have the resources to join in themselves.

There were so many great talks this time around.
I particularly loved Elder Marcus B. Nash's talk on faith and Elder David A. Bednar's talk on testimony and conversion this afternoon. Elder Neil L. Andersen's talk yesterday was also really really great.
Sister Ann M. Dibb had a great talk yesterday morning.
(and with that, opened a whole new world for Relief Society craft night)
"I am a Mormon. Know it. Live it. Love it."

Add to that the announcement of a temple in my hometown. This is something everyone there has been waiting so anxiously for. Such a blessing!
And the change of age rules for missionaries!
Shows just how ready the world is for what we have to teach.
I can't find a video to just embed here, but watch the announcements HERE. SO great. I cried. A whole lot. And again every time I thought about it.

It's sad to me we only get this opportunity every six months.
But at the same time, we probably wouldn't appreciate it as much...?
I can't wait to take the things I learned this weekend and put them into practice over the next few months.

The Church is true. The Gospel is great. That's all I need to know.


  1. you have always been amazing . . . and you're even MORE so now . . . go Meg . . .


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